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Company Overview

Founded in 1991 UniPro was established to specifically provide Operating System support, consultancy and implementation in the UNIX and Microsoft Networking segments of the Information Technology Industry. With many man-years of in-house experience, UniPro rapidly became a leader in these fields. 

In today’s information systems environment few companies rely on a single technology and often solutions are achieved through integrating the appropriate technologies. With the introduction to the market of products such as  Microsoft's Windows desktops and server products, Internet communications and the web, Database design and implimentation, Voice over IP and virtual Private Networks. UniPro has expanded its services to support and implement these products. Our team of highly trained professionals have all had extensive training and practical experience in the products and support functions outlined in this document.

Today's technology tends to confuse the untrained businessman, and what UniPro strives to attain is to elleviate the problems and complexity associated with this hi-tech world and provide solutions which are understandable, manageable and workable.